Business planning

A good business plan will define what you want to achieve, and how you intend to achieve it. Business planning also allows you to better identify potential issues before they become problems. By providing you with an overview of strengths and areas of weakness, using good in-depth research, and realistic forecasts, a plan could ensure your business is focused and on the right track.


Through successful business strategies, a business is able to reach its goals. Companies should address any strategic issues, in order to ensure their future growth and development. Ashita Latham’s service will provide you with the assistance, for your entire corporate strategic planning process, giving you a better understanding of industry insights, market trends and competitive assessments through detailed research, to design tailored strategies that will allow you to sustain a competitive advantage.

Risk management and control assurance

Having gained experience within external and internal audits, Ashita Latham takes pleasure in offering her expertise for an internal risk analysis, within a consultative approach. A risk management process is assessed by gaining an understanding of specific parts of the business, addressing financial and non-financial risks, including operational, technological and compliance risks. By ensuring a business entity has determined its business risks effectively, it is then able to anticipate the impact upon its environment, address any issues proactively and achieve its corporate objectives.


Ashita Latham is able to offer a range of post data entry accounting support, to assist within internal financial operations, including management reports and accounting supervision. Her services include management accounting and other related processes such as year-end close, reconciliations, trial balance, payroll services, financial statement preparation and consolidation, in compliance with IAS (International Accounting Standards) IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and local legislation.

Financial analysis

For companies seeking a better insight and clarity into reducing risk and driving growth, it is crucial to assess a company’s performance, by identifying significant relationships between different financial information. Ashita Latham’s analysis involves an evaluation of a firm’s business strategy, risk, profit potential, and the prediction of future performance, as well as independent valuation across a range of business objectives.

Additionally a good business case analysis can create the possibility of securing finance.